Getting Started

Step 1: Create a playPORTAL Account

  1. Navigate to playPORTAL Studio Signup
  2. After creating your account, email us at to verify your account.

Step 2: Register Your App With playPORTAL

  1. After confirmation, log in to the playPORTAL Studio.
  2. In the left navigation bar, select Apps.
  3. In Apps panel, click on the "+ App App" button.
  4. Add an icon, name, and description for your app.
  5. For "Environment" leave "Sandbox" selected.
  6. Click "Add App".

Step 3: Generate Your Client ID and Client Secret

  1. Click "Client IDs and Secrets".
  2. Click "Generate Client ID".
  3. The values generated will be used when setting up the playPORTAL SDK in your app.

Step 4: Add a Redirect URL

  1. Click "Registered Redirect URIs".
  2. Click "+ Add a Redirect URI".
  3. Enter "helloworld://redirect" in to the prompt and click "Submit".

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